Life in Photos



    Life In Photos: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


    A new part of the mall is open and it has a park where there is a huge Christmas tree, and a colorful fountain. Look at that cute couple taking a selfie!

    We tried one of the new restaurants at the mall. It’s called Jamie’s Steak House. We ordered Diane steak with spaghetti on the side. It was so delicious! 

    Jan, my boyfriend sent me photos of his view when they were anchored at Istanbul, Turkey. So many lights. 

    Trying macro photography on my mom’s pine tree.

    I got an early Christmas present for myself, A Canon G7x Mark ii! It feels so good saving for something and ended up getting it! Well, I wasn’t actually saving for anything, but I’m glad I at least saved cos I finally found the perfect camera for my blog and YouTube, and other social media accounts. Yayy! 

    Everything looks Christmas-y at home. We have three Christmas trees, Christmas-themed pillows, curtains, table cloth and decorations. Have yet to decorate the outside part of our house, though.

    Remember the supermoon? I took that one from our house. I have a close up one too but it’s not clear. I love how the clouds surround in that shot anyway.

    My puppy, Yuki has been loving traveling lately. She sure does love to be with my little cousin. Bestfrands! 

    Been binge watching Gilmore Girls, which up to now I haven’t finished yet cos I don’t want it to end. Soon, I will though. There are some murder documentaries I haven’t seen yet! Lol.

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