How I Started Blogging

    How I started blogging

    I started my blog as a way of expressing myself. It still is now, but the first time it happened was when I found out about Tumblr.

    I was 15 when I discovered my fascination with photography and found Tumblr blogs with pretty pictures on it. I love how it looked like an online mood inspiration board. I made a blog there reblogging photos of quotes, nature, girls in lacey dresses, basically anything that I like. I then came across a blog with more words and fewer photos. It was a personal blog, more like an online diary. I wanted to have one, so I did.

    Nursing school brought me stress and no matter how busy I was, I always find time to log in and write something. And believe me, I wrote daily. I wonder where that motivation came from. It’s literally like my daily journal. Anyways, I find comfort in blogging. I’m not really a vocal person and expressing myself through my own space on the internet is kind of liberating. It’s easier to open up to strangers who loves blogging as much as I do than opening up to acquaintances of Facebook. You know what I mean.



    My first blog name was Secret Life Of A Wallflower. I love that name and it holds true to what my blog is about. It just changed to The Wallflower Secrets when the domain name wasn’t available. At least it’s close to the original one.

    I decided to step up my blog to another level by moving to I’m kind of proud of myself for doing these technical things on my own. Setting up a blog, a domain, choosing a host (I use Host With Love, which is amazing), moving my posts from one platform to another.

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