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    2 Products I Swear By For Managing My Dry and Sensitive Skin

    dry and sensitive skin

    I was not blessed with perfect skin. Since I was very young, I’ve always struggled with dry and sensitive skin. Mostly, the affected part was only on my arms and legs. When puberty hit though, I noticed that my face becomes dry as well. I cannot use a powder without having dry patches on my face. So most of the time, I go out not wearing any makeup, not even a light powder. Good thing it didn’t bother me back then as a teenager because I didn’t care what people think about my face. The only positive thing about it is not having to worry about acne like most teenagers do.

    I’m in my 20’s now and my sensitive skin is taking a toll on me especially now that I use makeup. I also think I developed a type of dermatitis where some parts of the skin are flaking and it turns red. Well, I have that on my forehead and my nose now. It sucks. Good thing there are tons of skin care products now to moisturize the skin and there are 2 that I absolutely love and it has improved my skin.

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