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    How To Spend Valentine’s Day When Your Love is Away


    Count yourself lucky if you get to spend Valentine’s day together but not all couples has the privilege to be together on this special day. They may be away at work, have something to do some place else, or they just can’t simply be there for you due to some circumstances but no worries, there are other ways to let you know you love them even from afar. SEND A LETTER Instead of the usual sweet text messages, why not make…

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    10 Happy Things Vol. 5

    Hello February! January has been pretty crazy but exciting. So many things are happening and I feel like everything that I’ve been wanting for so long is finally gonna come true.…

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    Where The Sky Meets The Sea

    It was early in the morning when we began getting ready for a trip to an island called Guimaras. My cousin Fae went home on a vacation from another country so…

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    A Day at Garin Farm

    December was a fun filled month for me. My cousin Fae went home for a vacation and what we mostly do is travel, eat, chat and eat. That’s why I haven’t…

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    Hello 2016!

    2015 was one hell of a ride. It was a roller coaster with loops in the middle and some straight and curved paths here and there. All in all though, it was…