Thailand: The Grand Palace Adventure

After backpacking from Malaysia, we went back to Bangkok to roam around the city some more. The highlight of our days were mostly shopping and it was by far the biggest shopping experience I’ve ever had. There’s so many shops and malls everywhere!

Anyway, we made sure we visited some tourist-y spots along the way so we went to The Grand Palace. It has been the official residence of the Kings Of Thailand except for the present King who now resides in Chitralada Royal Villa after the passing of his brother inside the palace.

IMG_9592bwWe were greeted by this sign in the main entrance. Well, here’s a funny story. When we got inside, we noticed that there were two lines. One for Thais, which their entrance was for free and the other line was for tourists where the have to pay 500 Baht to go inside. My cousin was like, “Hey, why don’t we line up in the free one cos we look Thais anyway?” So we did. My cousin and I got in! Haha I can’t believe it! But then, we noticed that my mom and my other cousin wasn’t inside yet. Turned out the officers found out that they weren’t Thais. It was my cousin’s fault cos he said something in our language. haha. They were so so scared that they actually thought they were going to jail or something. They called us and they were in panic telling us to go out and leave. I got so sad cos I didn’t even see what’s inside. We went to them, turned out they were just overreacting about going to jail. I said, let’s try it again or just pay for the entrance. My mom was like, “I’m done! Let’s go home!” haha. It was so funny, she actually was scared.

IMG_9587bwWe ended up taking photos outside instead. Here’s us outside the Ministry Of Defence Building. It’s not the palace but still, it looks pretty.

IMG_9590bwYou’re probably wondering my my guy cousin was wearing a skirt. Well, here’s another funny story that had me laughing until now. My girl cousin Ana said that if you’re gonna wear shorts inside, you have to wear something to cover your legs up. So my guy cousin just did that. Haha! It turns out that guys doesn’t have to do that. It was only for girls and when we were outside already, still he forgot to take them off! haha! No wonder the officers knew he was a tourist. LOL!IMG_9600bw

We only took this photo of The Grand Palace and it was from the outside. :( We planned to visit it the next day but it was cancelled for some reason.  I wish I can go back there someday and I’ll surely visit this place!

I miss Thailand.

Life Recently #1

This is a lot like the blog series The Sunday Currently but I made it into Life Recently. I saw a post like this from Lauryn’s blog and it sounds much more personal.


READING// The book I read this week was This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith. It’s a feel good book about two teenagers who accidentally met online, shared their lives through emails and moment came when they finally met each other. I’ve also been dying to read Lullabies by Lang Leav. Sadly, I can’t find it anywhere so maybe I’ll have to buy online.

LISTENING// I’ve been obsessed by some of the tracks to If I Stay’s soundtrack album especially the song Heart Like Yours by Williamette Stone. Oh and have you heard Ed Sheeran’s cover of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me? It’s so beautiful!

FEELING// I’ve been feeling low lately cos mostly I’m alone. I go to classes alone, I don’t know anyone there since I’m a new student and some people aren’t attending regularly and they’re older than me so it’s kind of hard. There’s also a 4 hour break between classes so I’d stroll around the city to kill time by myself or just go home and go there again.

THINKING// About my future, about my plans. I have so many things I want to do but I honestly don’t know what I’ll do first. I’m just living in the moment and not thinking about it at all makes my mind at ease.

PHOTOGRAPHING// My 4 year old cousin Gunner. I haven’t seen him in 3 weeks so I really missed him. I’ve been taking photos and videos of him to send to my cousins who work outside of the country. Guess we all missed him.

WRITING// I can’t believe I’ve done something I wanted to do in such a long time. I submitted an article on Thought Catalog! I’m still waiting for their email if they’ll publish it or not but I hope they will.

WATCHING// I recently watched The Giver and If I Stay. I watched the latter alone at a cinema house and I bawled my eyes out! It was so good. Watching a movie alone at a public place helps me concentrate more so I felt all the feels!

USING// I’m all about accessories lately so I’ve been using the layered necklace which I purchased from H and M when we were in Thailand. I don’t use them all at once, sometimes I just use two or three but mostly just two.

LEARNING// Been reviewing for the IELTS exam which is kind of an English exam where they test on how well you understand written English, how well you speak or you write, or understand spoken English in British accent. It helps cos I’ve been growing up in a country where everyone can understand English and we use that language all the time at school. I needed that test to study and work in Australia so I hope I’ll get the score I want.

REMINISCING// My college adventures. Saw my former classmate at the mall days ago and I suddenly find myself remembering my college days, the good and the bad but mostly the good. Click on the mountain photo if you want to read the memorable recollection that we had as a class.

REFLECTING UPON// Looking back at who I was before, I say I’ve changed a lot. I’m still shy but it so much worse in the past where I couldn’t even look at people in the eye now I can and it really helps me to grow up and be independent.

How was your week? xo

Books I’ve Read Over My Vacation

The moment we landed Thailand, everyday single moment was an adventure. Everyday we go to a new place from morning until night time. It sure was tiring but it was worth it. We were constantly roaming around going from one country to another. We went back to Bangkok in our remaining days and that was the only time that we get to take some rest. I grabbed my tablet and started reading books that I’ve always wanted to read. I read 4 books all in all. Once I finished, I immediately read another one.

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 10.58.28 AM

Stephanie Perkins books


  • ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS// This is my favorite out of all three. This made me fall in love all over again. It makes me giddy! It’s about this girl named Anna who studies in Paris, a country she’s not really familiar with and she can’t even speak the language! Then there’s this guy called Etienne St. Clair, everyone has a crush on him. He’s British, he’s full of charm and he’s oh so dreamy. They developed a sort of friendship. They were attracted to each other but St. Clair has a girlfriend and Anna’s friend has a crush on him. Will they have courage to finally tell each other how they feel?
  • LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR// Lola is a bit outrageous and wild when it comes to fashion but she’s a good daughter and a loyal friend. She has a rocker boyfriend and everything was perfect until her old neighbors, the Calliope twins returns in the neighborhood. Everything has changed since then. Will her feelings for Cricket, one of the twins go back or will she stay wit her punk boyfriend? I like this book as well. It talks about individuality and embracing yourself.
  • ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER// I can relate to Isla in so many levels. She’s shy, a bit insecure and she feels like she doesn’t deserve love. As you all know, ever since the first book, she already has a crush on Josh but at that time, he has a girlfriend. They bumped into each other at a cafe, Josh was now single and they say the rest was history. The story swept me off my feet as well. Two people crushing on each other for so long has now admitted their feelings. And wait for the ending! It will leave you speechless!

ugly love by colleen hoover

2. UGLY LOVE BY COLLEEN HOOVER// Omg! This book is such an emotional roller coaster! It made me laugh so hard and made me cry so hard. Colleen hoover’s books are all about feelings. She’s my favorite! The author said that out of all books she has written, Miles was the only character who made her bawl like a baby. A nurse Tate and a pilot named Miles, 2 career oriented people happens to cross each other’s lives. They had a mutual attraction but love isn’t the right word. It’s what you call friends with benefits. Well, you can’t hide all these feelings forever though. Miles has he’s own issues to solve and that’s what keeping him from holding to his feelings. Will they accept the feelings or will continue to deny it?
All of these books are worth the read! I’m glad I read all of them. Do you have any books to recommend?

Backpacking Malaysia!

It was already 4 am when we arrived Kuala Lumpur by bus. It was a 4 hour ride from Singapore and wow, we were so tired. We all tried to sleep inside the bus but who won’t get uncomfortable? It was all our first time traveling to another country by land and we didn’t know that we have to stop by immigration (there were two stops) so we haven’t really slept much. The tiredness was replaced by laughters though. We had a funny experience inside the immigration. I guess we were just too sleepy that we ended up doing silly things. Haha!IMG_9292bwWe walked until we get to Chinatown. We went to a hostel where we made reservations to but it was too early to stay in plus they have no vacant rooms. So we walked again until we found a nice place to sleep. It was a Filipina working at the reception area! What a joy to find someone from your country in a foreign country!

IMG_9302bwHere’s us in Petaling Street. They sell lots of stuffs here. We ended up buying souvenirs.

IMG_9329bwIMG_9370bwHere’s the famous Batu Cave! The golden statue is Lord Murugan, it’s the tallest in the world and it’s quite majestic to look at! And there’s the tallest stairs. It was I think 272 steps! I never thought I could climb that but I did. My cousins and I did. My mom decided to stay. It was so hot by the way, my nose was peeling from all the sun I’m getting but I love how tan I got from all this traveling.








Here’s us taking a break before climbing all the way up. If you’re all the way there to the top, you can find a cave. Our shots were too dark to post it here but it’s quite something.IMG_9340bw

I feel like I’m in Rome with all these pigeons surrounding me! I really had fun feeding them. An American tourist gave me some. Quite nice of him.


A Day In Singapore!

This was an unplanned trip. We were in my cousin’s place in Thailand browsing online and found out about ticket discounts to Singapore. Right there and then, we booked our flight for the next day. Thenwe planned to go to Malaysia via land from Singapore so we bought tickets for the bus too. Talk about impulsiveness!

photo IMG_9015bw_zps18435f3f.jpg

It was a 2 hour flight from Bangkok. Changi airport is so fancy with carpeted floors, flowers and shops. We played with this interaction screen while waiting in line in the bathroom. We hang out here for an hour I think while planning where to go cos we’re only staying here for a day.

photo IMG_8997bw_zps6aff2333.jpg

photo IMG_9038bw_zps3d6e1bc0.jpg

Our first stop was Sentosa! Here’s us buying tickets to get there.

photo solo_zps99b31eac.jpg

photo IMG_9172bw_zpsfd3d9fee.jpg

Sentosa is amazing! It’s like a huge playground! We didn’t went inside the Universal Studios though.. We have no time left to stroll to other places. But at least we get to take a photo in the iconic Universal Studios globe.


We got so lost in Singapore so we asked a friendly local for directions, she gave us more. She walked with us just to show us where the mall is cos that’s where the buses are going to Malaysia. It still was a long walk my mom decided to stay behind. Meanwhile, my cousins and I are up for some adventure!


We went to Marina Bay Sands and it was breathtaking! Seems like our tiredness were gone. I’m loving the city lights here. Spent our last few minutes in Singapore just enjoying the view.



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