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    Sunnies Specs Review: Roosevelt

    sunnies specs roosevelt

    My vision is getting worse and my eyeglasses frame is not in its good condition anymore, so it’s time for me to get a new one. After seeing it at the mall and on the internet, I knew I have to get a pair of Sunnies Specs.

    Sunnies is all over social media. I see them on Instagram and my favorite vloggers are raving about them on YouTube. At first, I thought they only have sunglasses but they also offer optical frames and calls the line Sunnies Specs. I really love the styles of their frames. I wanted to get one from them, so after knowing they have an Iloilo City branch, I went there the following day.

    sunnies specs


    I was expecting a store, but they only have a small stall at the mall. I love how the stall is designed, they have drawers with glasses and customers can easily try one without asking for the staff to open a glass door. They have a wide range design of glasses from classic ones, to modern ones with different color choices. Most came in black, gold, rose gold and silver but there are also clear, pink, brown, and other colors. It comes with a case in coral or black and an eyeglass cleaner wipes.

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