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Mini Haul + Shoe Wish List


I decided to treat myself this month with a mini haul. I don’t really spend too frequently but when I do, it’s usually in bulk to save shipping fees. I prefer shopping online than in stores or malls since online stores give me so many options to choose from, which can be overwhelming, but it’s okay. At least I can find brands that I don’t have here in my city. However, I bought the makeup stuff at the mall. The brand ELF…

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Historic Castles in the UK


The UK has more than its fair share of castles, mainly due to the fact that the land is comprised of four kingdoms that were at war during the medieval times. The Britannica Encyclopaedia chronicles how these kingdoms put years of conflict behind them and came to an agreement to unify their territories under the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as it is now formally known today. The exact number of castles in the UK isn’t entirely clear,…

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An Open Letter to those Who Always Seem To Love the wrong Person


Someday you’re gonna love someone who’s soul is as deep as the ocean, who would look at you like you’re the only star in the sky. I know your heart has been through so much. There are cracks and holes and bruises, but someday there’s gonna be that someone who will carefully pick up the pieces and will try to fix it as much as they can without even them realizing it. Loving the right person will just eventually teach your…

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Happy Skin Mini Haul


Online shopping has been my ultimate weakness. Not only it’s accessible but you get to discover other brands and I’m glad I stumbled upon Happy Skin. I usually would think about it a hundred times before clicking the purchase button but I knew I had to get some of Happy Skin’s product. Hey, it’s okay to treat yourself sometimes. This brand is worth it anyway. I like how it’s a local brand, so it really caters to Filipina skin. Not…

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I am so bad at keeping up with this series but I have so many May favorites that I’m so excited to share it with you. Hope I can do this every month but I’ll try. As for the month of May, here are my faves.  BOOKS Me Before You is hands down my fave book I’ve read last month. It did made me cry, more like sobbing my heart out. I have started reading Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.…

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