My Skin Care Routine

    I’m blessed with not having serious acne problems but I’m faced with having skin issues on my body. I’ve always had dry skin and for this post, I’m gonna tell you about my skin care routine, which is more focused on dry and sensitive skin.

    When I was young, I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis which is also known as eczema. It was a struggle. My skin was itchy 24/7 that I couldn’t help but scratch it, which I regret because I developed deep scars from it.  I also had dermatographia where you can literally scratch my skin and the skin will raise a bit. It’s kind of like skin writing and looks like a white tattoo. I used to draw little hearts or words on my skin to freak my friends out. It was fun while it lasted, I don’t have that anymore. It just gradually stopped. I also have KP (Keratosis Pilaris) on my arms. It looks like little goosebumps or kind of looked like a chicken skin. Well, I still have it now but it was not as worse as before.

    That’s a little backstory there, but let’s move on to the products.


    MICELLAR WATER. When removing makeup, I usually use the one from Happy Skin since it does the job well. For cleansing every night, though, I use the one from Simple since it’s milder. It removes makeup but you have to use more product.

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