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    Money Matters: Financial Tips For Young Women From Another Woman

    financial tips women woman

    Being a young woman in the modern world. We’ve all been there. Some of us are currently living it. And regrettably, some are still lost in their financial journey. If you’re a woman finishing up college, entering the workforce, or currently in the 20-ish years of your life (like me), then this article is for you.

    Regardless, all basic financial advice is not gender-specific because everyone needs to know how to budget right, save and invest. Regardless, social changes over the last couple of decades have added to women’s choices, and with those choices comes new financial needs to put into consideration.

    Starting with the right mindset. Start by thinking about money and finance the same way you think about your physical fitness. Do you take care of yourself by eating right and going to the gym? How about your financial health? Now and when you get old? Money gives you flexibility and choice regarding your future.

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