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    Why You Should Pursue a Career in Writing


    There are many people out there who think they would like to be writers but, for one reason or another, never pursue it seriously. Here’s why you should, if you think writing is for you.

    Varied Work

    Perhaps the best thing about a career in writing is just how varied the available work is. When we think of writers, we tend to automatically think of authors, but most professional writers aren’t publishing books. From copywriting to journalism, there are a number of excellent jobs out there for those who want to make money from their writing abilities.

    The skills required for all these different writing mediums are all subtly different, but there are also a lot of writing skills that are interchangeable between the various disciplines. If you have a passion for writing and you want to make a career from it, look beyond the more obvious work of an author. Once you start looking for things around you every day that require a professional writer, you will start to realize how in demand this skill is.

    A Skill You Can Develop on Your Own

    Writing is something that anyone can learn to do on their own time and initiative. Even if you are already working another job, or you are in education, you can practice your writing skills as much as you like. As we said above, the work available to a writer is very varied, so the more varied your practice, the more opportunities it will open up for you.

    Many people who want to write professionally are put off from doing so because they try it once or twice and don’t like the results. Developing your skills as a writer takes a lot of time and patience, it won’t happen overnight. Try to think of it as being like learning an instrument. When you first pick up a guitar, you won’t be able to do much with it. But if you practice it every day, you will soon find yourself improving.

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