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Life Recently Vol. 13


READING// I have seen the trailer of the movie Me Before You and it has been nothing but amazing. I wanted to read the book before I see the movie, so I started reading this Jojo Moyes book. I’m aware that I needed tissues for this but I don’t think I’ll be ready for the heartache. That’s what I want in a book anyway, to make me feel something. It has been a while since a book made me cry so,…

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Last Moments In Cebu


If you’re seeing this again in your dashboard, I apologize. I don’t know why but my post got deleted and I only knew it just now. Anyway, I miss Cebu, a place in the Philippines,  and traveling with my cousins. We’ve been planning for another adventure but for now, let me relieve the time we had at this beautiful place. If you want to read about my whole stay in Cebu, Click here and here. From Sumilon Island, we decided…

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Life in Photos: Channeling My Inner Van Gogh


I have a thing for skies. Sunsets. Sunrises. Clouds. Stars. Moon. Auroras. In that photo, it was cotton candy skies. I took it when I was working at our veranda. No filter needed. I’ve been channeling my inner Van Gogh lately.  I’ve always wanted to do water coloring so I bought some art materials to feed my creative soul. I’m still learning though. Someone very special to me sent me what he had for breakfast. Coffee and toast on a ship. I’ll be…

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Cebu Trip Part 2: Sumilon Island


We were still in awe after swimming with the whales sharks as we found ourselves traveling to another island. Still with our damp clothes, we excitedly jumped inside the tricycle to go to a beach, wait for our pump boat ride until the waves will take us to Sumilon Island. If you want to read the first part of our adventure, click here. While waiting for our boat, we stayed on this beach for a few minutes. I thought it was…

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Swimming with the Gentle Giants


The long wait was over. My cousins and I have been planning this trip for some time now. We’re going to Oslob, Cebu, Philippines. It finally happened on the 6th of April and it was beyond amazing! I was with my two cousins. One of them I haven’t seen for a long time for she works in another country so I was glad to see her again. We were early at the airport and we killed time chatting to each…

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