One moment you were so in love with each other then time comes when cute messages slowly fades away, when you couldn’t feel it anymore, when you realized it’s not something that you wanted, when silence isn’t comfortable anymore, when there are more tears and doubts than smiles, when lies grow, or when you found out that you’re not the only one.

Just keep in mind that you’re not alone. Everyone goes through it. Maybe some good things really lasts but most of the time, it doesn’t. I know it’s harsh but that’s the truth.

Don’t ever question what you did wrong cos most of the time, it’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault I guess. It’s just that they found someone new. Let them be happy than fight for someone who doesn’t really want to be with you and be miserable.

Know your worth. There are reasons why these things happen and they’re for the best. You may not see it now but one day you will. You’re gonna find someone new too who won’t ever leave you or exchange you for someone else.

Be the bigger person. Move on, let things be and be happy. Love sure didn’t stay but there are some great memories and there are some lessons that you’ve learned.

As the Sarah Kay poem goes,

“Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to, 
And love leaves exactly when love must. 
When love arrives, say, “Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.”
If love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her. 
Turn off the music, listen to the quiet, whisper, 
“Thank you for stopping by.”

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