What’s In My Bag

I finally made an updated what’s in my bag post! I love reading this kind of post in blogs. I guess us girls just gets curious in what other people put in their bag and what bags they use, I know I do. You want to know what’s inside mine? “Let’s get started!” *Bethany Mota voice. 😀

I’ve been using my medium Phillip Lim as my everyday bag. It holds a lot of stuffs plus it’s not that big. Sometimes I wear it as a handbag, a sling or a crossbody bag. I super love this bag a lot! If you’re wondering where I got it, It’s from unnishoppe.


What’s Inside:

  • PLANNER: Gotta keep things organized. I carry this planner everywhere except when I’m at work or if I have to carry a lot of things. I own The Daykeeper planner and sometimes it serves as my journal.
  • NOTEBOOK: It’s where I write my random thoughts, blog post ideas, quotes I love, poems, proses, basically anything!
  • MAKEUP BAG: It’s where I put my makeup essentials. The ones in the bottom photo are the ones I use when I go out. Just light makeup will do.
  • iPHONE– I have this baby everywhere I go obviously. My music is in there, fave apps plus my go to camera. Forgot to include my pink headphones. I carry that everywhere too.
  • WALLET- I have this red Kipling wallet which has many compartments. I sometimes switch to my blue longer wallet but for now this is what I use. It holds a lot of things.
  • UMBRELLA– I have to always carry this one no matter how heavy my bag is. The weather sometimes is unpredictable. You don’t want to get drenched in the rain or get sunburned under the heat.
  • HAND LOTION- I use Pink Chiffon by Bath and Body works. Keeps my hands moisturized all the time plus the scent is amazing!
  • POWERBANK– I always charge this thing whenever I go out. I use apps a lot and it saves me from low battery.
  • GLASSES– Well I don’t really keep this in my bag since I wear this all the time. I have a 275 grade so I’m literally blind. Nah! Just kidding but everything’s blurry  when I’m not using it.


That’s it for my What’s In My Bag post! 🙂 I sometimes carry my Instax mini if I’m on an adventure but the things I mention, those are my bag necessities. I’m curious on what’s inside of your bag. I’d love to read your version of this!

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  • Reply
    November 13, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    If 275 makes you blind, imagine how I see the world in 550 grade. LOL. I have a very bad eyesight, everything is blurred if I removed my eyeglasses.

    I remember this bag of yours. You posted it on Twitter last time. Are you still using it until now? Is it sturdy?

  • Reply
    June 5, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    I recently saw your blog because I was looking for reviews about Sunnies Specs and I’ve fallen in love with it! More power to you 😀

    • Reply
      June 8, 2018 at 2:46 pm

      Thank you so much! This really means a lot.

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