What To Do When Sickness Strikes


This start of the year has not been so good to me health-wise. This cold weather gives me colds, literally. Guess my asthma’s back too and working with patients at the hospital makes me even more vulnerable to illness. I’ve been to the doctor once this year and for the most part, I self-medicate. It’s kind of wrong but I already know my meds.

So Here’s What I Do When I’m Sick:

1. VITAMINS– prevention is better than cure. Get those immunity that you need and you’ll be good to go. Vitamin C alone is enough but multivitamins is better.

2. DRINK LOTS OF WATER– hydration is necessary. Water cleanses your system.

3. SOUP– One thing I like being sick is eating hot chicken soup or noodles. It helps reduce inflammation and helps thin mucus.

4. WARM DRINK– I personally think having a hot chocolate when under the weather, makes me calm and cozy. I don’t know about you but it relieves my sore throat. Go easy on the milk though. It helps build phlegm.

5. BUNDLE UP– when you’re having fever and everything gets cold, it’s best to bundle up and rest in bed. Sweating helps lowering the body temperature.

6. SEEK MEDICAL HELP– If all else fails, go see a doctor. Maybe you need some dose of antibiotics to get rid of that infection.

Those are just really simple advices but we often forget them. Don’t wait when it gets really serious.

Get Well Soon! 🙂

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