Yesterday was an unexpected adventure. My cousins and I are at home when we got bored and decided to go to the city to eat lunch and shop. We went to a seafood restaurant and ordered lots of food including baked oysters, sisig, lechon and other dishes. We were so full but we decided to eat desserts at Dulgies, a restaurant full of cakes. I ordered a creme brulee while my cousins opted for a slice of cake in two different flavors. Posted the photos of the food on my Instagram (as seen on the sidebar).

All of a sudden Dana had this thought of going to Guimaras, an island to kill time and have an adventure so off we go. We rode on a pumpboat. It isn’t not far. It was a cloudy weather and the wind was cold but we’re pretty much excited to go there.

We were giggling the entire time cos my outfit and Dana’s were so not appropriate for going on an island. Upon arrival, we stared at each other not knowing exactly where to go. We went on a jeepney ride and see what places we could find. We saw a sign that there’s a waterfall not far from where we were so we went there.

I didn’t know that we have to go down a slope to get to the waterfall. I’m so thankful I wore flats that day. The view was so breathtaking when we arrived. There were trees everywhere and there was no people there. Thankfully the tricycle driver followed us and showed us the way.

Finally we got to the waterfall. The water was oh so clear! There we found 2 teenage couples still in their uniforms. I guess we found their hiding place. Aahh..young love. I can’t blame them though, the place is paradise.

Now here’s the hardest part: going back. We have to climb. Dana and his friend doesn’t have any hard time to get there but me and my chubby cousin has a different story. We have to pause to take a break and I have to get down on my knees and cling to random plants cos I’m not really good at this. My legs turned jelly, I couldn’t feel them and it just tickles. I was laughing so hard the entire time.

I think it was crazy how we ended there but it really was an adventure I couldn’t trade for anything else. They wanted to come back here some other time and I’m not really into it but I know I’ll change my mind. 🙂

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    Shayne Zalameda
    May 19, 2015 at 10:26 am

    I am contemplating on whether to visit Guimaras or Gigantes this May. Your thoughts? 🙂
    Shayne Zalameda recently posted…Day Trip in ParadizooMy Profile

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