The Things I Do On A Rainy Day


Now that rainy season is here, I want to share some of the favorite things I do when the weather gets cold. There are lots of fun things inside the comfort of your own home so don’t fret when rainy days just happens to cancel your plans.

HOT DRINKS: This always keep me warm on a cold morning. Most of you may prefer tea or coffee but I just need my good old hot chocolate with some marshmallows on it.

WATCH: I like to watch my favorite movies on bed with my pj’s on. In a day like this, I would choose romantic, chick flick, drama kind of movies that will make me swoon. laugh or cry.

READ: This is the perfect time for me to read books. In my case, I like to read teen fiction novels like John Green’s and Sarah Dessen’s to name a few. I sometimes read magazine and comics to kill time too.

BAKE: I just currently had interest in baking and I usually find myself baking desserts and recreating pancake recipes and making my own unique treats.

DIY: Sometimes I get really bored so I do crafts or diy’s I found over my pinterest and make something old to new. You can find some on my pinterest account. My button is on the sidebar.

WRITE: Rain just happens to allow my emotions out and transfer it into words. I’d write poetry, proses short stories or even new entries to my blog.

DECORATE: When I feel like my room needs a new look, I rearrange the furniture, clean my room, add some diy stuffs I made.

SURF: I’d either blog, find ideas and inspirations on Pinterest, tweet and check out blogs.

Those are the things I usually do when I’m at home when the rain is pouring down. So how about you, what do you do? 🙂

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