Pattaya, Thailand

CABBAGES AND CONDOMS RESTAURANT// After a few hours hanging out at Silverlake Vineyard, we went straight to this restaurant. The food was amazing and it doesn’t cost that much compared to fancy restaurants in the Philippines. Before you can enter the eating place, you have to go through a path full of nature. There’s also statues adorned with condoms of different colors. There’s a hotel in there, a pool and a beach.

MIMOSA// This place reminds me of a European city. The stores are seen inside those colorful houses, the place has many flowers as well, and we really enjoyed the show at night where gay people performs along with a dancing fountain. It’s very entertaining and so funny!

BUDDHA HILL// See that Buddha there? It’s carved on the hill and painted it gold! Such a sight to see! I wonder how they did that. Across it, I forgot the name of the place but you can ride on an elephant but we decided to just feed one.

CENTRAL MALL// the first mall I ever went when I got here. It has 5 floors and it has many shops! I bought a really cute stuffed Elephant from Naraya.

WALKING STREET// This place has sooo many foreigners. We went here at night cos that’s where it all happens. People walking around, clubs and pubs everywhere, you can pick up girls who work there, there’s even girls dancing without their panties on at the top of a club!

We went home at almost midnight. So far, this is the most tiring day ever but it was all so worth it!

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