Summer Lovin’

Sand between our toes, sun kissed skin, salt in the air, sand in my hair. It only means one thing. Summer is here!

I had so much fun, I mean, too much fun at the beach yesterday! My cousins and I decided to hit the beach not so far away from the city in celebration of Easter and the start of our summer adventures.

The food was amazing, my 4 year old cousin went on a horse ride all by himself, we swam under the prickling heat and I finally had the guts to wear the two piece I bought. Although my body begs not to wear one, I still pushed through not caring what other people think. It’s nice feeling so free and doing anything out of your comfort zone. It’s just emotional seeing the photos where I’m not facing the camera. The curve of my back is a little evident. Not sure if it’s really scoliosis or it’s just my bad posture but my back does hurts sometimes. I hope it’s not something serious.

Back to a lighter note, this is just the beginning of our summer escapades. You’ll be seeing a lot more soon. Thank God for cousins. My built in friends since forever.

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