As I child, she was quiet. Too quiet for a girl her age. Silence was the only language she knew. “Why don’t you talk. Don’t you have a tongue?”, that’s what she always here from people and God knows how much she hated it. 1st grade came and that’s when she knew she was different. “Mom, no matter how many times we tell her, still she won’t play with us”, she overheard one of her classmate say and just bowed her head down wondering why she’s acting this way. If she knew the answer from the teacher’s question, she’ll just write it on her paper or just keep it to herself. She doesn’t know what, why or how she became this way. Maybe she was just born with it. She doesn’t know.

She let herself be bullied thinking she deserved it. It was so sad that she has to live with this and thought it was just normal for her to be taunted by hurtful whispers and judging stares from someone who doesn’t even tried to really get to know her. They don’t know her, that’s for sure. She sat at lunch alone sometimes, she doesn’t eat at all. She would always glance at her watch hoping that school will end soon but still she knew tomorrow is gonna be another torture.

High school came and she met friends who accepted her and knows her inside out. She couldn’t move on though knowing that those girls are still in her school. She was the same girl who doesn’t talk. “Who cares if I did, no one will listen”, that’s what she always say. Her friends saw her strengths, they know that she’s smart, funny and creative. “You know, you should raise you hands when you have something to say in class. You have so much to offer but you just can’t see that”, one of her best friend would say. She knows she was right but she doesn’t know if she can actually do it considering that she already has a label written on her forehead like she’s known for being quiet and she’s born to be that way. No one really understood how badly she wants to change but it seems that it’s far too hard for her.

I wonder how she’s doing now in college. I hope she’ll find the courage I knew she already had. She definitely has something everyone cannot see at a first glance but I hope she’ll speak out more often. Her mind is too wonderful not to let it out. Speak and the world will listen.

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