Perks Of Being A Nurse

I’ve been a nurse trainee for over a month now in a tertiary hospital. It was scary at first and sometimes it still gives me butterflies especially if I’m assigned in a new area which happens every week. But I tell you, no matter how stressful and toxic it is, it’s the most fulfilling job ever. Here are some reasons why:

1. Taking care of someone seems like it’s a big responsibility, which it really is but thinking about it, it’s an honor knowing people trust you. 

2. You can be the reason for a patient’s smile. A light in their darkest days.

3. When patients thank you every time you enter their room, it’s one of the best feelings ever.

4. You learn to empathize with people and be in their shoes.

5. You learn to value health and life and you even feel luckier to not be in there position.

One thing I have to learn though is to hold my emotions. I remember that time in Pedia ICU, there was a little girl who has a rare condition. I was still talking to her when 3 hours later, she just stares at me blankly with her pretty brown eyes with those longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen. She won’t respond even to pain and she was in coma. I tried so hard not to cry because if I break down, who will take care of the other patients? 

From life to death, nurses can be there for you. 

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