One Day Vacay Photo Diary

Yesterday was a boring day at home. My cousins and I stared at each other with a knowing look. We all had the same idea in our head: to spend the night in my aunt’s house. We packed our bags immediately and went there.

It was a really nice neighborhood. We decided to hit the pool first. Too bad my favorite cousin wasn’t there. She’d been working in Thailand as a teacher for months already together with her sister. We were also there to visit my aunt who was a cancer survivor. I know it’s hard for her being alone with her two daughters abroad so the visit was all worth it.

The playground under the bright sunshine.

After the pool, we went walking around the community with my aunt. I love hearing her love story and other random funny anecdotes about our childhood.

I’d like to live in a place like this someday. Full of greens and fresh air.

We all had a great time talking. We never realized the sky’s getting darker. I was mesmerized by the orangey sunset behind the house.

But still it didn’t stop us to take more photos. We are so vain. I’m sad that some of our cousins have to work abroad and doesn’t have to be with us during times like this. We skyped with them while we were here at the park. Seeing their smiling faces and voice, it seems that they’re here with us too.

We spent the rest of the night in Sandy’s room, my cousin I told you about who’s in Thailand. Her room is just the same when she was here: full of motivations and pictures on her wall, full of books and magazines, and stuffed animals. I wish she’ll be here soon or maybe visit her there!

Hope we can do this again soon. With all the rest of my cousins. I can’t wait for that day where all of us will be complete. 🙂 Have a great weekend ahead of you!

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