On Understanding An Introvert

“You’re not shy; rather you appreciate the joys of quiet. You’re not unsociable; instead you enjoy recharging through time alone. You’re not unfriendly, but you do find more meaning in one-on-one connections rather than large gathering.”

I found this quote on a book I saw yesterday at a bookstore. Ever since I knew that word and what it meant, I found comfort knowing my personality has a name for it. For me, I’ve always viewed it as a disorder cos it’s been hard for me to enjoy life without feeling shy and uncomfortable around people. Or maybe there’s something that I have, more than being an introvert but I’m pretty sure I am one.

I forgot the title of the book but it mainly focused on how normal it is to be one. It also mentions that introverts are quite a gift in the society. With all the commotions and sounds all around us, there’s still some people  who enjoys the solitude more than being surrounded by a large group of people. They are actually great listeners and more fun to be with if you have the time to listen to whatever they have to say and to give them the chance to speak up. They say the most interesting things you never knew they had that in them. They may be quiet but they can talk freely if they’re comfortable talking to one or three people. They often come out as snobs but in fact they just doesn’t have the talent to socialize and make small talk when they meet people. They aren’t a disgrace in the society, introvert just have their own way to deal with life.

After reading the summary of the book, I now have a different perspective on myself and how I view life. All my life I thought I was cursed but this gave me a new meaning about myself. I now embrace myself as an introvert and should accept it as a gift instead.

If one of you is shy, quiet, loner, wallflower, whatever you may name it, you are not alone and you are no different from the others. just learn to embrace the real you and try to interact with people without feeling anxious and shy. We can all get through this but then again, I’d rather be a quiet, loner girl with a good heart than having another personality.

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