On The Road

What I really like living in the city is we get to travel all the way to the countryside whenever we feel like visiting our relatives. You know the feeling how the road stretches as far as it can before your eyes and in some way, you know that it means a little escape from your busy life in the city? That’s how it always feels for me. Seeing the road means an another adventure waiting at the end of it or maybe a little vacation or an escape even if it means just staying there for a few hours.

It gets a little hot when you’re traveling mid-day so I always open the window and let the wind blow my hair. It feels free letting the wind take you.

What makes a road trip feels so special is when you’re with the people you love. Long car rides sometimes are tiring, people with you is starting to drift away to dreamland and you can’t help watching them fall asleep. Then you wonder what they’re dreaming about while looking at their peaceful faces.

In simple moments like this, I take every inch of time to really look at nature, appreciate its beauty and then you’ll know that life isn’t that bad at all. When you look at the world like that, all the bad things are pushed behind and you let yourself think of happy thoughts and that’s the way it should be.

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