New Year. New Me.

Few days left and it’s New Year’s eve! I’ll be hearing the song Auld Lang Syne again, watch Fireworks all night, hear firecrackers, and see who survives to stay awake for the rest of the night until morning. Can’t believe how fast the year has been but I’m glad I made it through and now I’m ready to face 2014.

The list wouldn’t be the same if you don’t have a New Years resolution:

GET FIT. I seriously need to start eating clean and getting healthy. I love food but I need to stay away from too much fats, sweets, carbs, drink more water and eat veggies and fruits even though I really don’t like those stuffs. I have to exercise more too.

READ MORE. I love books so much and I know I’ve read a lot this year but next year, I hope more awesome books will come out and I’ll read even more books.

WORRY LESS. I admit I am a worrier and my thoughts are constantly thinking of the what if’s and most of them and negative. This year I’m aiming for a more positive vibes all over me. Mind over matter. The way you think affects your emotions and outlook in things.

WANDER. I’m a homebody but I can be an adventurer too. Sometimes my wanderlust just kicks in randomly so I hope this year I’ll have enough time, money and company to go to places. *cross fingers

• WRITE AWAY. Now that I have a planner, I want to keep a journal too and write on it as much as I want to. Writing keeps me sane.

BLOG MORE. I’ve been a lazy blogger lately because I often get tired as soon as I get home from the hospital but I want to organize my blog posts and find time to read other blogs and connect with you guys. 🙂

SAVE A LOT. I’ve been an online spender this year and it did emptied my pockets in some time. Now I want to save my money and invest it in travel instead. And clothes. I need a wardrobe change.

NEW LOOK. I want a makeover. I might want to start with my hair. It’s kind of a mess right now and so uncontrollable. You should check my picture Of it on my twitter.

FOCUS. I need to focus on more important things like doing good in my chosen career, find a job, and plan for my future.

•  DOCUMENT LIFE. This year I want to use my dslr camera more often instead of my phone. I want to try film photography too. I’ll just take as much photos as I can.

•  TRY TO BE LESS SHY. People at work always notice that I’m quiet. I hate being noticed that way, it makes me more quiet. They don’t know once I entered a patient’s room, I become this cheery, outspoken girl that I am but I do admit, sometimes I get intimidated and shuts my mouth instead. I hope I’m gonna be more confident and less shy soon. I’m getting there.

I guess that’s it for my New Year’s resolution. What’s on your list?

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