My Summer Reads

I’ve been reading tons of books over the summer. I’m really picky about what books to read cos I easily get bored but these are the ones that I get to finish the whole way through and I love all of them. Most of them are tearjerkers. I don’t know why I love crying over books but it makes me feel alive knowing a book can make me feel something somehow. I want to share you what books I have read and hope you’ll enjoy them too!


This book is about Lauren who is coping with her sister’s death. She’s writing these letters to famous dead people for her homework and she ends up telling them stories about her life before her sister died, how she’s dealing with things at school. The whole book is basically all the letters she wrote. It’s interesting cos it’s from her point of view so you can really tell how she feels, what she’s thinking, and hear her own voice. This is my favorite among this list. I feel like I know her and I just want to pull her out from the book and hug her. This obviously made me cry. Such beautiful writing.

2. MAYBE ONE DAY by Melissa Kantor

Two teenage girl are best of friends and this book is about teenage life, friendship and making their dreams come true. Until a heartbreaking news happened. One of them was diagnosed with cancer. Zoe was always there for Olivia, she kept things positive even though it’s hard. This book is so moving and it’s such a page turner.

3. CHASING BROOKLYN by Lisa Schroeder 

It’s written in verses or poetry if you may call it. Brooklyn lost Lucca, her boyfriend a year ago and also recently lost her friend Gabe. She didn’t know why Gabe keeps chasing her in her friends and not her boyfriend. Lucca, her boyfriend’s brother on the other hand is also grieving. He receives letters from his brother who is trying to tell him something to help Brooklyn cope. Find out why she is haunted by Gabe and what the letters say.

4. DON’T CALL ME BABY by Gwendolyn Heasley

This is book is not heavy with emotion unlike the ones I mentioned above but it’s a light read. Imogene is raised by a blogger mom who always talks about her on her blog. So basically her mom is a mommy blogger. As she got older, she got tired of being photographed all the time, her mom always blogs about her life, she was done with it. She wants her privacy back but her mom doesn’t really listen well. At school, she had the chance to create a blog for a homework. Guess who she blogged about? Her mom. Haha! I find this book really fun to read since well, I’m a blogger and this is kind of a mother daughter book.


I read all three books continuously and I love all of them! This book is kind of like The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor. America Singer was one of the 35 girl who will have the chance to be Prince’s Maxon’s wife. To some girls, it was a dream but to her, it was a nightmare. She didn’t want to leave her secret boyfriend but she has to in order to help her family. Prince Maxon kind of fancied her and now she has to choose between the two.

6. FORBIDDEN by Tabitha Suzuma

I’ve already talked about this book in this post. Just click the link!

Hope I gave you an idea on what to read next. Better add these books in your library. It will surely make you laugh, make you fall in love and make you cry. 🙂

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