Little Beauty Haul

These are some of the latest beauty things I purchased this week. The fragrance is a gift from my mom. It was hers but she gave it to me instead because she seldom used it and I absolutely want the scent so it’s mine now to keep. 

Dream angels desire by Victoria’s Secret. It’s my signature scent for now. It’s a light feminine scent, not too sweet, not sharp and it’s a gentle girly scent. I’ve been getting compliments from my cousin when I wear this. It’s definitely one of my fave fragrances. 

Baby lips! Who doesn’t love the infamous Baby Lips by Maybelline? I, for sure love it! Currently I have three and they don’t have any color. Even the dark pink one doesn’t give my lips a lot of color. All I see in malls are the lip balms. I love how it moisturizes my lips though and the scent is good enough to eat. I’m still looking for their color and electro collection.

In2it Sheer Natural two way foundation. I love this product because it’s long lasting, waterproof, it has SPF 25, and it mostly contains natural ingredients. I have the medium beige color that suits my Asian tan complexion. So far, my skin didn’t breakout while wearing this. It also gives me good coverage. 

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