Life Lately

  • Summer’s gonna be soon and I’m already planning some places to visit, maybe a road trip, go to beaches and have summer tans. I wish all my plans will happen cos most of the time, they really don’t. Who knows right? maybe it’ll come true this time.
  • Since adults/parents at home are away for a whole week, my cousins and I always go out to lunch or dinner, try out some new restaurants. No wonder I’m gaining more weight. We had fun though and food was really good!
  • Here’s a silhouette of my cousin. He’s like my life saver. Since I don’t know how to drive, he’s always there to send me to work, go to places with me, do errands. We’re almost always together that sometimes some people always mistaken us for couples. Like, ew he’s my cousin! Haha!
  • A very special someone gave me these books last night. Last night was a bit emotional. There’s just too many feelings involved that it made my heart fickle. Anyway, it’s just weird how he knows what book I want. I’ve wanted to read 13 Reasons Why Again. I’ve started reading The Story Of Us and I can really relate to it. Like all the words are talking to me and answering the questions inside my head. Can’t wait to finish reading it.

That’s my life lately according to photos. Follow me on Instagram for more photos and maybe I’ll follow you back. 🙂 @alissamags

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