Kogi Vegi Korean Restaurant

My best friend Claire and I decided to meet and dine out. I was so happy to see her! Finally we can catch up and talk about anything!

We chose this Korean restaurant called Kogi Vegi just near the Esplanade where people jog and hang out. We’ve never been to this restaurant before and we’ve never eaten at any Korean restaurant so this was the perfect place to dine. I really love the atmosphere, the lighting, it’s so cozy.

We didn’t really know what to order so we tried almost half of everything on the menu including Kimchi, Sashimi, and other foods I couldn’t remember or even pronounce. It’s so cool cos you can cook meat right on your table. We didn’t really know what to do so the waiter offered to cook for us which seems like a nice gesture. If you need anything, there’s a buzzer on the table to if you want to call the waiter.

The food was great! We ate the meat with rice and some leafy vegetables they served. Surprisingly, I love sashimi even though it’s raw but I don’t really like Kimchi. And there were some dishes they served which I don’t really like. I feel like we wasted most of it  Haha! That’s what you get if you order too much and don’t really know what it is.

Still, it was fun though! I’ll definitely go to this place again.

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