How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day Even When You’re Single

We often associate Valentine’s day as only a day for couples to shout their love to the world, exchanging gifts to their bf or gf, receiving balloons, teddy bears and chocolates. Well Valentine’s day doesn’t only revolve on those things. It means so much more. Singles often get sad for not having a valentine’s date but little do they know, they can also enjoy it. Here are some things to do to enjoy the day even when you’re single:

1. ORDER PIZZA. Who doesn’t like pizza? Spend the day by yourself, eat some pizza while watching your favorite tv shows. You know what the best part is? You don’t have to share it!

2. PAMPER. Go to your favorite salon, have a makeover, get your nails done or relax at the spa.

3. HAVE A SINGLE LADIES DAY. Spend the day with your single girlfriends and have fun together! Exchange gifts with them, watch movies and go shopping!

4. GIVE YOURSELF A GIFT. Go buy that book you’ve always wanted to read, or that shoes you’re dying to have. Stop waiting for someone to buy things for you. Buy it for you!

5. EAT LOTS OF SWEETS. This is a perfect excuse to stuff your face with chocolates! This day, you can eat whatever you want or as much sweets as you want! No one will judge you.

6. BUY YOURSELF FLOWERS. You deserve pretty things too. Buy your favorite flowers and brighten up your room with it. Every girl deserves a flower on valentine’s day. Even if you bought it yourself. At least you can choose whatever flower you want.

7. GIVE YOUR PARENTS A CALL. Tell them how much you love them. Or you can even treat them both to dinner! You can’t forget your family on this special day.

8. TAKE A LONG HOT BATH. After a tiring day at work or at school, you can spend quality time with yourself over some hot bath in a tub or even just a shower. Light some candles or use your favorite lush bath bomb plus you can even read a book while enjoying the water.

9. WATCH MOVIES. Go watch a movie alone. I recommend those cheesy teeny bopper movies or anything a guy would hate. This is one good thing about being single.

10. APPRECIATE YOURSELF. Self Love is always greater than love between the opposite sex. Stop whining why you don’t have a date. Instead, be happy cos you’ve made it through alone and knowing that you don’t need anyone to fill your happiness. 🙂


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