How To Get Your Blog Noticed

It’s hard to get your blog out there especially if you’re still a newbie. I’m not that successful compared to other bloggers but I want to share my tips to get your blog noticed. I know all of you wants a bigger blog audience so here are my tips:


  • ABOUT ME SECTION You must state your name here and write a summary about yourself and what you’re blog’s all about. This part of your blog is really important. Google picks up all the information here. If someone googles your name, most probably your blog will show up. You don’t want it to be that long so put a link where the readers will lead them to another page where they can a longer version of your about me page just like what I did in this blog.
  • TITLE– The title of your blog post is a summary of your whole entry. It will get tricky if you write a personal post and you want your title to be creative but if you’re writing about a review of movies or products, state what product it is and add the word review. Your entry will show up in google search if someone googles about that product and they will get to read your review. Just be specific if you’re gonna post a tutorial, a review, or anything specific.
  • TAGS Maximize the use of this. Don’t be scared to write many tags. Write as many as you can that’s relevant to your post. If you’re writing a personal entry, tag the word personal and personal blog. Many tumblr users search this tag to find other personal blogs. If it’s a poem, tag poem or poetry or poets on tumblr, if it has quality photos, tag photography. The list goes on.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA– If you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media apps, link your blog in there. This is a way of advertising your blog to your followers thus gaining traffic.
  • COMMENT– Comment on other bloggers’ posts. Interact with them. Remember blogging is a community. You’ll gain readers if you read their blog too. People will see your comment and maybe they’ll visit your blog as well.
  • BLOGLOVIN– this is a site where you can connect your personal blog, you can follow other blogs outside of tumblr, get updates if they have new posts so you can read them, comment on them and like them. Others might stumble your blog there and will follow you.

I hope these tips will help as much as it helped me. Continue blogging! ♡

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    January 16, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    Awesome and important tips that all bloggers must pay attention too 😀

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