How To Fix Broken Makeup

We all have that jaw dropping moment when our favorite compact powder, blush or palette crushed into small crumbs of color wonderland. Usually we just throw it away and ended up buying a new one or collect the powder and use it anyway. I came across a trick one day and it so happened that one of my eyeshadow palette fell. The trick went well and I want to share it to you in case you didn’t know about this yet.

Things you need: rubbing alcohol and a spoon

What to do: 

1. Gather all the powder in their container
2. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol
3. Let the powder absorb it for a few seconds
4. ress using the back of a spoon and smoothen it out
5. Let the alcohol evaporate and use

That simple and easy! It’s safe to use on any makeup product since alcohol evaporates so won’t harm your skin. Use it after a day or two just to make sure. Now you don’t have to throw your makeup anymore. Save your makeup! 🙂

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