How I started Writing

It started out in my elementary years when my English teacher assigned us to write an essay on how our summer vacation went. I believe it was first grade when my imagination is at its height. Everyone wrote about going to beaches, going to the mall and travelling while I wrote about picking apples with my cousins. I knew apples never grow here in our country but that’s what I wrote anyway thinking it is more interesting and maybe my teacher will like it. That’s where I began having creative thoughts about writing. My teacher noticed it and told me that I must have gotten it from a book and I just said yes, lightly embarrassed but my teacher encouraged me more and told me the difference between writing fiction from not.

I don’t know what happened but writing seems like just another homework, it’s tiring. It was not until 7th grade when an English teacher grouped us in threes and told us to write a poem. We didn’t really discussed who will do it but I wrote my own poem. I got so engaged with it while writing that I don’t even know I have that power to combine words into a thought and everything rhymed in the end. I didn’t have any experience with love at that age but I wrote about heartaches and how the girl became hopeful again at the end. I showed it to my mom and she said it was good. The day we’re about to submit the homework, I found out I was the only one who made a poem in our group so we read our poem to the whole class. I got surprised when they clapped in the end and they wanted to have a copy of it. I assumed they already have a love life but I was happy they liked it.

Through it all, I never had the guts to enter our school’s publication or any contest but I continued to write on my diary: poems, proses and my daily ramblings.

College came and my Theology teacher told us to write about ourselves. I think I made my story more dramatic as it’s already is so he gave me a perfect grade. My sociology teacher assigned us to do a Mulan review along with answering some of her questions. She was very keen about plagiarizing and actually knew if you stole it from any website. Anyway, I wrote my own review and I included some of my opinions. She wrote on my paper along with her comments too and said things like, “You have a point! I don’t know why others said otherwise!”, or “Nice writing! Keep it up!” She gave me a perfect score too and that’s how I realized how good it feels when you write and when others compliment my work.

No one in my college class really knew that I love writing because I didn’t join any publications or contest again. There’s this girl though who’s a writer in our paper and who also owns a blog. She saw one of my ramblings in my notebook that I lend to her. She told me about it and said she really liked the way I write and she blogs too. We exchanged blogs and became friends. I created another personal blog and I never stopped writing ever since.

What’s your writing story?

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