FInally 22

I’m a girl who loves surprises a lot and luckily I have someone who never fails to surprise me in every way.

It was a usual Sunday night with my cousins watching reality shows and late night talk shows. I was getting really sleepy when I saw in the corner of my eye a hint of light. I wasn’t wearing my glasses that time but when the light comes nearer, I realized it was Daniel carrying a birthday cake with a lighted candle at exactly midnight! I was really surprised! My cousins and him sang me a Happy Birthday and I blew my cake.

Now I know why they wanted me to watch a late talk show, now I know why Daniel asked for my cousin’s phone number and now I know why they made fun of my pajamas and really huge t-shirt. (I changed my top only before I blew the candle.)

Today was spent only with my family, Daniel and my best friend who also surprised me with a short card but has touched me so much.

Every birthday of mine is always special but this one is really full of surprises.

Thank you to everyone who greeted me in every social media accounts that I have. God Bless You! 🙂

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