DIY Lace Shorts


So I’ve been bored this this whole day and I got so excited when my favorite YouTuber, Bethany Mota aka Macbarbie07 tweeted that her new video is up. I literally freaked out because I just adore her and she has amazing taste in fashion and has the greatest ideas for DIY’s. She’s amazeballs! So I opened my laptop and watched this video. See it for yourself.

It was one of her DIY or Buy segment. It’s about turning your old pants to a really hippie/bohemian shorts with laces or flower decals on them. I think it was really cool and I needed shorts anyway so I went to my closet and found my not so skinny old jeans anymore and I made my own!

For the lace thing, it was my pre-loved lace headband/bandana. I was really having a hard time whether to cut and use it for my shorts because it was given by an online friend when I was in high school. Hilary Duff was my obsession those days and yup. It was a Stuff by Duff collection. I had to make a decision so as you can see, I did cut it. *sniff. No worries though. I could turn it into something really pretty. I even used the excess lace for curtain ties.

So far I’ve made the shorts but I’m planning to give it a more rough look and I’m still looking for daisy decorations and I haven’t glued or sewed the laces on the bottom of the shorts yet.

I tried it on even if it isn’t done yet and it’s pretty! Haven’t wore shorts in decades because of my skin issues but it’s recovering and I can already wear it! Yayy! 🙂

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