Dear Heart,

I know you’re hurting right now. Well, not as painful as it did few weeks ago but it still hurts sometimes and it sucks. I’m not particularly sad because he’s gone. I’m more sad cos people could actually hurt you, replace you and sometimes they don’t even mean it, do they? I know they don’t wanna hurt other people intentionally but their choices does hurt other people. Well, It does hurt me. Love is very confusing. Does it even count as love? Like leaving someone cos you love them? I still don’t get it. I guess when it comes to love, you never really get to understand things. It just happen. Sometimes we like what happens, sometimes we don’t and maybe that’s just how it works. I hate how confusing it is.

Just keep that smile on your face everyday and you’ll be fine. Maybe one day someone’s gonna notice that smile and he will make you smile that way forever. Even if there’s no camera.

Enjoy everything. Spend time with people. Get to know them. You’ll see how awesome people are if you just let them get to know you. You don’t have to hide anymore. It’s okay to feel vulnerable but people should know how amazing you are. And you don’t even have to be shy about it. Spend time with your family. Tell them how much you love them. You’ll be surprised that they’ve had the same heartbreak before.

You don’t need a guy to make you happy. Happiness is a choice and I’m glad you’re choosing it. I know you do. 🙂

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