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There’s nothing more special than spending Christmas day with your family and I’m so lucky enough that I got to spend with them on my favorite day of the year.

Event hough I spent Christmas eve in the hospital as a nurse, it’s still fulfilling how I get to greet patients, put a smile on their face through their tough times and giving them the Holiday spirit that they deserve. The staff nurses brought food, even patients gave us a little something to celebrate and we did have fun celebrating Christmas eve there. I went home and ate the cake Daniel brought for us alone since everyone in the house were already asleep. It was sad but still happy that I get to spend time with them the next day.

We went to my mom’s hometown just like every year. It was different than the past years since we’re not complete. Most of my cousins work abroad now. Our usual tradition where we would stroll on the Christmas Capital of the Philippines were put to hold since some of us has still have to work on graveyard shift. (Yes, Me!) which is kind of a drag but it’s still fun! At least we’re gonna go to the beach for another party. Can’t wait!

On a sadder note, I didn’t get to spend Christmas with Daniel due to distance and our availability. I hope we’ll see each other soon.

Well, I do hope you had a Merry Christmas and oh! Advance Happy New Year! Enjoy the holidays! 🙂

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