Basic Photography Tips For Bloggers

I wanna share what I know and what I actually do when shooting photos. I know I’m not an expert on this and I’m really not a professional photographer but I love photography and I know some tricks that you might want to use for your blog. These are just basic photography tips but it’s really helpful:

1. LIGHTING– lighting is the key to blog worthy photos. Not only it will result to brighter photos but it will lessen the grains, shadows, and will improve the quality of your images. Natural lighting is the best. Bring your subject near the window when you’re shooting indoors and shoot in daylight.

2. TAKE MORE PHOTOS– when shooting a subject, always shoot in all angles to see what works best, what angle has the best lighting. That way, you have more choices to select photos. And also, experience will make you a better photographer. Bring a camera or your phone anywhere and shoot.

3. GET RID OF FLASH– you don’t need to shoot with flash when you’re shooting in daylight. It will just give harsh brightness and shadow to the photos.

4. RIGHT COMPOSITION– arrange your stuffs when you shoot in a way that it looks great. Choose your background wisely. Make sure the background isn’t as messy so that your subject will really stand out.

5. BE SELECTIVE– out of all the photos you’ve taken, choose only few to post. And you don’t want to post just one subject in every angle. That’s a big no no. Unless it’s really necessary if you want your readers to see the details in the other sides but don’t overdo it. Just choose the best and that’s the time you post process it.

6. RIGHT WATERMARK– if you’re really worried about people stealing your photos, add a watermark but make sure it doesn’t ruin the whole photo. Choose the right font and the right size.

7. POST PROCESSING– use Photoshop or any editing software of your choice to adjust the colors or to add watermarks. Personally, I just adjust the curves and levels just to make it brighter and the color will pop up more.

Good photos on a blog attracts more readers and hopefully this post will help you in your blogging. Good luck!

P.s. I drew those icons with a trackpad haha. Pardon.

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