Alissa In Asia

Finally the day has come! I think I’m gonna blog about my trip on a daily basis or as long as there’s wifi.

The flight from Iloilo City was so early in the morning. We had to take a plane to Manila first before we go on another plane to Bangkok, Thailand. The whole flight was about 5 hours all in all. It was so fun traveling with my two cousins and mom.

My vacation is 17 days. I know it’s a long time but we’re gonna visit other countries as well like Malaysia, Singapore via land and God knows where else. We haven’t finished planning yet but those two countries are sure gonna be on the list.

So far, Thailand has been so great. The locals are so polite and friendly. My cousin works here so she already knows a bit of Thai language.

Today we’re going to Pattaya. Gonna blog about this too! So excited!

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