Silverlake Vineyard, Thailand


Day 2 was full packed. We visited lots of places which I’ll be blogging one by one (I think). We left my cousin’s home, where we stayed at 10 am and went home 12 pm midnight roaming around Pattaya.

Silverlake is the first place we visited. It’s a vineyard and the place is very wide. I feel like I’m not in Thailand, it feels like we’re in Holland. There’s lots of flowers everywhere!

We went for a little tour riding on an open bus-like thingy. It stops in some parts to allow tourists to go around, take photos and we ride on it again to go to another part and stops again. It was magical and so fun! At one point, the bus almost left us so we had to run really fast!

At the end of the tour, each if us were given free grape drink! Yummy!

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