A Day In Singapore!

This was an unplanned trip. We were in my cousin’s place in Thailand browsing online and found out about ticket discounts to Singapore. Right there and then, we booked our flight for the next day. Thenwe planned to go to Malaysia via land from Singapore so we bought tickets for the bus too. Talk about impulsiveness!

It was a 2 hour flight from Bangkok. Changi airport is so fancy with carpeted floors, flowers and shops. We played with this interaction screen while waiting in line in the bathroom. We hang out here for an hour I think while planning where to go cos we’re only staying here for a day.

photo IMG_8997bw_zps6aff2333.jpg

photo IMG_9038bw_zps3d6e1bc0.jpg

Our first stop was Sentosa! Here’s us buying tickets to get there.

photo solo_zps99b31eac.jpg

photo IMG_9172bw_zpsfd3d9fee.jpg

Sentosa is amazing! It’s like a huge playground! We didn’t went inside the Universal Studios though.. We have no time left to stroll to other places. But at least we get to take a photo in the iconic Universal Studios globe.


We got so lost in Singapore so we asked a friendly local for directions, she gave us more. She walked with us just to show us where the mall is cos that’s where the buses are going to Malaysia. It still was a long walk my mom decided to stay behind. Meanwhile, my cousins and I are up for some adventure!


We went to Marina Bay Sands and it was breathtaking! Seems like our tiredness were gone. I’m loving the city lights here. Spent our last few minutes in Singapore just enjoying the view.



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    I just booked a flight to Singapore, and seeing your photos made me so excited. See my blog about Singapore.. please visit mannyurg.blogspot.com; thanks!

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      I’ll check it out. Thank you!

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