My 2013 At A Glance

  • Passed the Nursing Licensure Exam after months of review, sleepless nights and stress. It was all worth it!
  • I believe in second chances and I’m glad I stick to my principles and followed my heart. One of the toughest decision I’ve made and one of the best ones too.
  • This year has been a tough one for me battling with my anxiety and somehow depression. I haven’t talked about it on this blog but it’s all I ever talked about on my secret literary blog. Writing keeps me sane. Somehow those moments made me creative. Now I’m happy and I know now to control all those. Somehow I finally find the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Probably one of the reasons I was sad because I never exactly knew what I’m gonna do with my life. I’m scared I made the wrong choice. I get anxious every time I think about my future. I sticked to my plan to become a nurse and that made me stay on my feet instead of hanging in the air not knowing where to go.
  • I’ve travelled a lot this year compared to the past years. No, not abroad but places here and there. My wanderlust always kicks in.
  • My blog has grown since then. I started posting proper blog posts, met a lot of cool people online and gained more friends. Thank you guys!

  • I started on my nursing career just last month as a nurse trainee in the hospital. The staffs are so nice and that’s what even makes it enjoyable and stress free.
  • This is the first Christmas I celebrated without my favorite cousin cos she’s working abroad. It wasn’t the same as last year but it’s fun having the rest f my relatives around.

2013 was a rollercoster I never regret to ride. I’ve learned so many things this year and those trials made me a stronger person. It sure is a great year for me. I hope next year will be even better. Bring it on 2014! I’m ready fer ya!

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