5 Ways To Know I’m Bored

I admit I really am a boring person sometimes. I mean, to me, what I do is not boring cos I really love being alone and I’m a real introvert but to other people, it is. There are times though that I get really really bored like when I don’t have any new movies to watch, I’ve watched all the episodes of my fave shows already, and I’m tired of being alone. So here are some ways to know that I’m bored to death. (Not like you should know but I don’t have something to post and obviously I am bored now xD)

MAKEUP ON MY FACE// This is the ultimate sign that I usually show. I’d be playing with my makeup aka wasting my makeup at home and maybe dress up, take some photos of me and not go out of the house.

SELFIES// If you look at my camera roll right now, it’s full of selfies. I’ll just choose maybe 5 best ones and I’ll delete the rest later . This usually happens when I have a good hair day, when I have makeup and when there’s good lighting.

NOISY ROOM// I blast music when I’m bored, I’ll sing along with it and maybe dance to the beat of the song. I’m not a good singer or a dancer and that makes it even funny. I’d just laugh at myself.

ART SUPPLIES ON THE FLOOR// I would browse at Pinterest and try DIY projects, I’d draw or paint sometimes and I end up getting really frustrated cos I don’t know how to draw nor paint. Today I managed to paint my own study table.

ANNOY PEOPLE// This is what I do best. If you hear my younger brother complaining, I probably poked him or pinched his cheeks. If you hear my cousin shout, it means I scared him again. He is just so jumpy all the time, it’s so funny! Then we’d end up chasing each other around the house.

OMG I sound so crazy already. I should stop this. Haha!

P.S. I’m really sorry for all these selfies on your dash!

Can you share me some things you do when you’re bored?

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