10 Random Facts About Me

Since I’ve received messages asking to state 5 random facts about me and I’ve gained new readers, I think this is the perfect time for you to get to know the girl behind this blog.  


♡ I love photography so much. I own two lenses, an SLR camera, an instax camera and two folders full of iPhone photography apps. I want to try film photography since it’s more challenging so I’m still saving for a camera and rolls of films. 

♡ I love makeup and I collect but I only wear very minimal makeup when I go out. I just love looking at them and practicing at home when I’m bored. I have bold colors in my collection but I hope someday I have the confidence to wear it.

♡ I tend to hide my feelings sometimes. People say I’m hard to read since my smile can mean a lot of things. I don’t want people to see my vulnerable state but in some cases, like close cousins and friends, I’m very transparent and I say what I feel when I couldn’t really hide it anymore.

♡ I am not good in dancing. Believe me, I’m so awkward and stiff and it’s painful to watch me dance. I’d rather sing even if I’m not good. 

♡ I’ve written a lot of poems and proses. In fact, I have my own secret blog here where I can pour my emotions out through poetry. Seems like The Wallflower Secrets has secrets after all. 😉

♡ People see me as serious, quiet and boring in real life but once you break the wall between us, I am crazy, loud, funny and beyond annoying. Trust me, you’ll eventually get tired of my mouth. haha.

♡ I speak a lot of English accents like American accent, British, Southern, Scottish like that of Merida just for fun. The hardest was Merida’s.

♡ I was a huge Britney Spears and Hilary Duff fan back in the days. I have every magazine, posters and even sent them fan mails. Then there came Taylor Swift but not that huge as them.

♡ I have a thing for Indie rock bands. I find their music very relaxing and full of meaning. But I also listen to popular songs.

♡ I am a huge Les Mesirables fan! I fell in love with the recent Les Mis movie and I learned almost all of their songs. I used to sing them everyday and mimic their voice. I wish I have Amanda Seyfried’s voice though.

So I guess that’s my 10 random facts about me. Some are written in my About section. I changed my old one. Thanks for those who sent me the messages. I’ll tag all of you if you want to do this one. I’d love to get to know you. ♡

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